Sputtering system

Magnetic fluid seals able to withstand high-temperature active gases

Many of Rigaku’s magnetic fluid seals have been adopted for the sputtering systems that form transparent conductive coatings and antireflective coatings necessary for the manufacturing of solar cells, touchscreens, flat panel displays, etc.
Our products can cover various types of sputtering systems such as facing target method, ion beam method, magnetron method, ECR method and reactive sputtering.

Although the magnetic flux leakage from a magnetic fluid seal was regarded as unavoidable due to its use of magnets, almost no magnetic flux leaks from Rigaku’s magnetic fluid seals, due to the unique magnetic circuit configuration.
Because leakage 10 mm away from the case is approximately the same as geomagnetism, you can feel secure when using it, without worrying about the influence on plasma ion or electrons.

Magnetic fluid seals suitable for sputtering systems

To avoid metal contamination, we recommend the cantilever series, FMB-C and F1B-C, with no bearing arranged in the vacuum side.
Also, a magnetic fluid seal of the hollow shaft type enables the rotary shaft to install electrodes, cooling parts, etc. inside. In this case, we recommend the cantilever F1T-C series.

Please pay attention to the operating temperature range, load, etc. when you select the seal.
If you need a special specification, please contact us from the inquiry form for magnetic seals.

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