Cross Reference Chart ( Ferrotec vs Rigaku )

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Part Number
Part Number
Shaft types Dimension
OD for
Mounting Part
Mounting Holes
103532 C1B-1/4-BANF-FI-A Solid Inch Φ0.25(in) ConFlat
Φ2.73(in) 6xΦ0.26(in)PCD2.31(in)
103915 C1B-1/4-BANF-FI-B Φ0.25(in) Φ1.33(in) 6xΦ0.17(in)PCD1.06(in)
103501 C1B-1/4-BAWF-FI Φ0.25(in) Φ2.75(in) 6xΦ0.26(in)PCD2.31(in)
103912 C1B-3/8-BAWF-FI-A Φ0.375(in) Φ2.73(in) 6xΦ0.26(in)PCD2.31(in)
103154 C1B-3/8-BAWF-FI-B Φ0.375(in) Φ2.75(in) 6xΦ0.26(in)PCD2.31(in)
103909 C1B-1/2-BANK-FI Φ0.5(in) Φ2.73(in) 6xΦ0.26(in)PCD2.31(in)
103244 F1B-1/2-BANK-FI Φ0.5(in) Flange
with O-ring
Φ6(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD4.75(in)
103182 F1B-1/2-BAWK-FI Φ0.5(in) Φ6(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD4.75(in)
103246 F1B-3/4-BANK-FI Φ0.75(in) Φ6(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD4.75(in)
103904 F1B-3/4-BAWK-FI Φ0.75(in) Φ5(in) 6xΦ0.41(in)PCD4(in)
9295 F1B-006-BANF-FM Metric Φ6(mm) Flange
with O-ring
Φ80(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD60(mm)
9297 F1B-010-BANK-FM Φ10(mm) Φ80(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD60(mm)
9299 F1B-012-BANK-FM Φ12(mm) Φ90(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD70(mm)
9264 F1B-020-BANK-FM Φ20(mm) Φ105(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD85(mm)
4094 F1B-030-BANK-FM Φ30(mm) Φ160(mm) 6xΦ12(mm)PCD135(mm)
103358 F1T-1/2-BANC-FI Horrow Inch Φ0.5(in) Flange
with O-ring
Φ5.61(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD4.75(in)
105395 F1T-1/2-BAWC-FI Φ0.5(in) Φ5.61(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD4.75(in)
103359 F1T-1/1-BANC-FI Φ1(in) Φ7(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD5.5(in)
105396 F1T-1/1-BAWC-FI Φ1(in) Φ7(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD5.5(in)
103354 F1T-3/2-BAWC-FI Φ1.5(in) Φ7(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD5.5(in)
103361 F1T-2/1-BANC-FI Φ2(in) Φ7(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD5.5(in)
103921 F1T-2/1-BAWC-FI Φ2(in) Φ7(in) 4xΦ0.75(in)PCD5.5(in)
7142 F1T-010-BANC-FM Metric Φ10(mm) Φ90(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD70(mm)
4172 F1T-010-BAWC-FM Φ10(mm) Φ90(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD70(mm)
7143 F1T-020-BANC-FM Φ20(mm) Φ105(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD85(mm)
4184 F1T-020-BAWC-FM Φ20(mm) Φ105(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD85(mm)
7146 F1T-025-BANC-FM Φ25(mm) Φ120(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD100(mm)
3918 F1T-025-BAWC-FM Φ25(mm) Φ120(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD100(mm)
7147 F1T-030-BANC-FM Φ30(mm) Φ120(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD100(mm)
4110 F1T-030-BAWC-FM Φ30(mm) Φ120(mm) 4xΦ10(mm)PCD100(mm)
7148 F1T-040-BANC-FM Φ40(mm) Φ145(mm) 4xΦ12(mm)PCD120(mm)
4122 F1T-040-BAWC-FM Φ40(mm) Φ145(mm) 4xΦ12(mm)PCD120(mm)
7242 F1T-050-BANC-FM Φ50(mm) Φ160(mm) 4xΦ12(mm)PCD135(mm)
4151 F1T-050-BAWC-FM Φ50(mm) Φ160(mm) 4xΦ12(mm)PCD135(mm)
7244 F1T-075-BANC-FM Φ75(mm) Φ210(mm) 8xΦ12(mm)PCD185(mm)
4190 F1T-075-BAWC-FM Φ75(mm) Φ210(mm) 8xΦ12(mm)PCD185(mm)
103236 LSB-1/4-BANF-FI-A Solid Inch Φ0.25(in) Nut with
Φ1.63(in) No holes
103237 LSB-1/4-BANF-FI-B Φ0.25(in) Φ1.63(in)
107519 LSB-1/4-BANF-FI-C Φ0.25(in) Φ1.62(in)
108664 LSB-3/8-BANF-FI-A Φ0.375(in) Φ1.63(in)
103991 LSB-3/8-BANF-FI-B Φ0.375(in) Φ2.12(in)
4060 LSB-006-BANF-FM Metric Φ6(mm) Φ55(mm)
4001 LSB-010-BANK-FM Φ10(mm) Φ60(mm)
103319 NFT-1/1-BANC-FI Horrow Inch Φ1(in) Cartridge
with O-ring
Φ2.62(in) No holes
103320 NFT-3/2-BANC-FI Φ1.5(in) Φ3.25(in)
103321 NFT-2/1-BANC-FI Φ2(in) Φ3.75(in)
4125 NFT-020-BANC-FM Metric Φ20(mm) Φ58(mm)
1473 NFT-025-BANC-FM Φ25(mm) Φ63(mm)
4141 NFT-030-BANC-FM Φ30(mm) Φ73(mm)
4129 NFT-040-BANC-FM Φ40(mm) Φ88(mm)
4185 NFT-050-BANC-FM Φ50(mm) Φ98(mm)
4140 NFT-075-BANC-FM Φ75(mm) Φ137(mm)
103971 BSB-3/16-BANF-FI Solid Inch Φ0.19(in) Thread
with O-ring
Φ0.63(in) No holes
103978 BSB-1/4-BANF-FI Φ0.25(in) Φ0.75(in)
103204 BSB-1/2-BAWK-FI Φ0.5(in) Φ2.87(in)
103193 BSB-3/4-BANK-FI Φ0.75(in) Φ2.87(in)
103206 BSB-3/4-BAWK-FI Φ0.75(in) Φ2.87(in)
4010 BSB-004-BANF-FM Metric Φ4(mm) Φ21(mm)
4040 BSB-005-BANF-FM Φ5(mm) Φ21(mm)
4000 BSB-006-BANF-FM Φ6(mm) Φ21(mm)
9507 BSB-012-BANK-FM Φ12(mm) Φ48(mm)
3905 BSB-012-BAWK-FM Φ12(mm) Φ48(mm)
9508 BSB-020-BANK-FM Φ20(mm) Φ63(mm)
4008 BSB-020-BAWK-FM Φ20(mm) Φ63(mm)
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