Ion implanter

Transmitting high-speed rotation while minimizing center runouts and resonances

  • Rigaku’s unique technologies allow high-speed rotation while suppressing resonances.
  • Even for high-temperature, high-vacuum and high-load specifications, long life service is maintained while minimizing center runouts.
  • We can manufacture magnetic fluid seal units for any type of ion implanter.

Magnetic fluid seals suitable for ion implanters

Because ion implanters are usually operated with high-speed rotation, we recommend you use cantilever series, FMB-C, F1B-C, and F1T-C, with no bearing in the vacuum side.
Also, we recommend you adopt the water cooling type which can suppress heat generation during high-speed rotation. Please contact us for details.

Please pay attention to the operating temperature range, the gases to use, etc. when you select the seal. If the standard type does not meet your need, please tell us the required shape, the required load conditions, etc. from here. Our sales department will contact you to offer a proposal.

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