Arc discharger/Arc discharger

For dry coating of eco-friendly functional thin films

Dry coating is the method mainly to form metallic or ceramic thin films on the surface of base material in vacuum.
Typical thin films such as Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), TiN and TiCN films have been used in a wide range of applications for cutting tools, dies, automobile parts, medical equipment, home appliances and their manufacturing equipment, etc.
By using these thin films, with excellent abrasion resistance, low friction performance and oxidation resistance, as the coating on the surface of substrates, product performance, service life and scope of application of products can be significantly improved. Thus, dry coating is a promising method for the effective use of earth resources and for the environmental measures.

Arc ion plating method

Arc ion plating method is a kind of PVD, to form films by evaporating and ionizing the target using arc discharge.
Because the characteristics of arc discharge allow high-speed forming of precise films with good adhesion, it can ensure excellent mass productivity and process stability. For this reason, the equipment for mass production has been introduced for anti-abrasion hard film coating for cutting tools and anti-abrasion film coating with low friction coefficient for automobile parts.
Dust-free, clean and long-life Rigaku magnetic seals are ideal for rotation of a table and a target at an arc ion plating equipment.

Magnetic seals suitable for arc ion plating equipment

A magnetic fluid seal of the hollow shaft type enables the rotary shaft to install electrodes, cooling parts, etc. inside.
We recommend the standard F1T-B series with the standard structure and the cantilever F1T-C series with no bearing arranged in the vacuum side.

Please pay attention to the operating temperature range, load, etc. when you select the seal.
If you need a special specification, please contact us from the inquiry form for magnetic seals.

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