Inquiry Form for magnetic fluid seals

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Inquiry Form

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Driving method
For coupling connection 
nection Drive-integrated magnetic seal is desired. Details of “Other” 
Sealing target
 Ultimate Pa ・ Normal use Pa
 Pressure differential kPa

Atmospheric gas
(For active gas Type of gas:
Rotary shaft
Diameter mm
 Rotation rate rpm
 Rocking angle degrees / Time seconds・Reciprocation times / second
Transmission torque
Mounting direction

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Atmospheric temperature Max. (a) ℃  
Normal use (b)
Temperature on the mounting surface Max. (c) ℃  
Normal use (d)
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Radial load
(e) N  
(f) mm
(g) N  
(h) mm
Axial load
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(j) mm 
(k) mm
Water cooling system
Peripheral components
to be purchased

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