Vacuum robot

Improving robot seal functions

Rigaku’s magnetic fluid seal units have been actively responding to your needs in diverse applications for clean / vacuum robots.
Rigaku’s advanced technologies have reduced the center runout which affects the positioning accuracy for larger-size FPD substrates and semiconductor wafers.
Furthermore, we will satisfy your diverse needs such as a combination with differential pressure seals or bellows seals (linear reciprocating motion).

  • We satisfy your needs with the tip displacement-free, high-precision, multi-axial seals, in line with the high-precision processing technologies developed with Rigaku X-ray diffractometers.
  • The unique magnetic circuit, free from magnetic field interference between the seals, enables makes multi-axial seals compact.
  • With the high-precision processing technologies for powerful magnets and pole pieces, we can manufacture large seals with a diameter of 100mm or over.
  • We can manufacture thin, dustproof seals that withstand pressure differentials of 20kPa or less.

Notes for applying the seals to vacuum robots

Multi-axial magnetic fluid seals and thin dustproof seals are special order products.
Please tell us your operating environment, operating temperature range, required shape and load conditions, necessary geometrical tolerances, etc. from here. Our sales department will contact you to offer a proposal.

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